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The Summer Dress In Knit Fabric

“Can the Summer dress be made in knit fabric?”  This question was raised towards the end of testing and was such a great idea that I couldn’t resist trying.

You may have seen this fabric quite a lot in what I make.  It’s a cotton/spandex that I carry in my shop and it’s one of Emily’s favourites and choosing her favourite fabric means I know she’ll try it on for me!

 emily     emily1

I made this flamingo dress as a size 1 bodice and size 3 skirt and quickly saw where I needed to adjust.  The bodice could be a little tighter and the back skirt is a little too bulky around the waist for the knit fabric.  My next version was a much better fit. So what did I do?

Measuring a size 6, I sized down and made a size 5 dress with a size 6 length in the skirt.  I also cut off 1cm (3/8″) from the top of the straps to make them just a little bit tighter.  Being a knit fabric, you can afford to have the bodice area quite fitted as you have the stretch of the fabric when putting the dress on and taking it off.


I also used a stretch interfacing in the straps called Tricot Fusible which has a one way stretch to it, which is all I needed.  (It was also the only stretch interfacing my local fabric store had).  Being a tighter fit, there is going to more pulling and stretching of the straps so the interfacing will help the knit keep its shape.  I cut the interfacing for the straps with the direction of the stretch going across the body.


And lastly, I used my walking foot when sewing step 7 to evenly sew through all the varying thicknesses of the straps between the bodice pieces.



What other options could you use to make the Summer Dress?  Maybe woven fabric bodice and skirt and knit fabric for the straps?  Or a woven fabric skirt and knit fabric straps and bodice?  I would love to see what you come up with!

The Willow Dress PDF Pattern

I love working with Jen from One Thimble so when I had the opportunity to work with her again I absolutely jumped at the chance!

I have had the idea of the Willow Dress floating around for awhile and even though I was in the middle of working on the Violet Dress (I generally like to finish one pattern before starting a new one) I pitched the idea to Jen and she liked it so all of a sudden I was working on two patterns at once!  Ahhh, nothing like a bit of pressure to get the adrenaine pumping – ha!

croppedBodice fabric available here.

Using a knit fabric for the bodice, the top section features a ruffle through the shoulder and around the armhole with a binding finish on the neckline and armhole.  The skirt section is simply a woven fabric with an elastic waist attached to the bottom of the knit bodice.

My pattern testing group did a fabulous job with their versions of the Willow Dress.

IMG_7478Two Little Chooks

willowv1_1Candice Ayala

12249782_10153803178699679_6347344075596273347_nAmanda Flor

willow14Carly from Miss Edee Designs even added a tulle over lay for the skirt – stunning!

While we were in the testing phase, it was suggested that long sleeves would make this a more year round dress so long sleeves were added, which I am really happy we included them.

IMG_9216Zyzo Australia

willowv2_4Candice Ayala

The Willow Dress PDF Pattern is available now through the One Thimble ezine along with 10 other PDF Patterns plus heaps of articles and tips to make your sewing soar!