The Polly Dress

I’m doing it again. 
Neglecting my blog. 
After I came back and promised to keep it up to date. 
It just seems that it’s the easiest thing to let go when your busy creating, looking after kids and trying to keep your house clean or in some sort of order at least!  And as I sit here typing I’m looking at my washing that needs to be folded and put away and wondering how much longer I can leave it before someone starts to comment on it!

But enough of boring housework.  I haven’t told you about how I came to the recent release of my very first pattern, The Polly Dress!   

I have dabbled in pattern drafting for years…ever since I left school actually (I won’t say how long ago that was!!) and its always been something I love.  I love the complexities it can offer; as you put to paper your design then try to work out how to construct your design.  I love the whole process but one thing I don’t enjoy is drafting on paper.  You need big sheets of paper, a large clear space (which can be limiting if you want to feed your family at the dining table each night) and loads of time for cutting and pasting to create your design.

For years, I have looked at my options and really wanted the ability to draft patterns on my computer but thought the only way I was going to do this was by using CAD but just kept putting it off thinking it would be too complex for a little home sewer like me.

Then I discovered Lauren Dahl. She is amazing and has created the most amazing course, Pattern Workshop where she teaches you how to use Adobe Illustrator for drafting patterns…Illustrator!!  I know!  So much easier considering I have dabbled with this program over the years. So with my new found knowledge securely under my belt, I set about creating my very first commercial pattern, the Polly dress.

After a few trials and plenty of behind the scenes work, I was ready to ask for people to help me test for sizing and to make sure my instructions were clear and easy to follow.   What a fabulous group of testers I had and I am very grateful for their kind words and constructive feedback! 

Below, you’ll find some of their gorgeous creations – enjoy!  Oh, and if you’re looking for the pattern, you’ll find it in my SHOP.

Bec from Little Toot Creations has created a stunning contrast using a coordinating fabric for the ruffle.

And again, Elisa from Mamacosesola has used a contrasting fabric for the ruffle…and look at that cheeky smile!

Jodie from Three Little Chickens has used the same fabric for the entire dress, which looks so pretty!
And lastly, Sara from Made By Sara has really stepped it up.  She’s used faux piping across the chest and neckline…what a lovely result!

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