How To Line the Chloe Cardigan

The Chloe Cardigan was initially designed for the use of a stable, knit fabric.  It didn’t even cross my mind to use a woven fabric until I presented it my testing group and was then asked the question.  To make sure I wasn’t lying to them, I quickly made one in a woven cotton and made the following little jacket (it’s not really a cardigan anymore, is it?).

As we are now in winter in Australia and some parts are colder than others, Kristy from Charlie Patch Creations made her test version with lining.  She sized up to allow for the extra layers and made such a cute jacket.

So how do you line your own version of the Chloe? 

Firstly, you’ll need fabric for your outer and fabric for your lining.  I would recommend making at the very minimum one size up depending what fabrics you have chosen.

You will need to cut out all the pattern pieces in both the outer and lining fabrics, EXCEPT for the front and back facing pieces as you won’t need those.

And one of the best things about lining the Chloe is that you don’t need to finish any seams, you can just trim them instead.

Follow the instructions of the pattern from STEP 1 to STEP 8 for both the outer and the lining.  If you are having a collar, complete STEP 10 to STEP 11 for the outer fabric only.  Make sure you also complete STEP 15 for the outer fabric.
You’ll now have two jackets (I’ve used piping as a contrast on my outer jacket as it’s an 8oz denim and was looking a little plain).

 With rights together, pin the lining to the outer jacket, ignoring the sleeves.

Stitch around the edge making sure your sleeves are out of the way and you leave an opening somewhere along the bottom edge so that you can pull the jacket to the right side once complete (but not yet!).

I like to use this method for the sleeves.   It’s a little tricky and can be fiddly but I think it’s worth it in the end.  You need to line up the edges of the sleeves with right sides together.  Start by matching the sleeve seam and slowly work your way around the sleeve.  Stitch together.

Your jacket is going to look a little strange once you’ve sewn the sleeve and you may even wonder how this is going to all turn out the correct way, but stay with me!

With the opening you left in the bottom of the jacket, carefully reach in and pull the jacket out to the right side.  When you pull the sleeves through, they will be perfectly hemmed and no top stitching required.

With your jacket now the right side out, give it a good press and complete STEP 17 to STEP 20 giving you a lined Chloe Cardigan/Jacket.

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